The idea for Samaritan’s Touch Care Center (STCC) began in 1999 when a group of Christian women health professionals were giving basic health screenings and saw the significant need for assistance to the uninsured.


This need continued to be seen and in 2004 a minister and an executive of Florida Hospital met and discussed taking action. They formed a committee and in 2005 a grant was awarded to STCC by the Highlands County Health Fund.

In 2006, Sunrise Senior Center donated two buildings and two empty lots. This donation was valued at over five-hundred thousand dollars. STCC received its 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in March 2007.

STCC formed a Board of Directors which was comprised of members of the medical community as well as other professionals and concerned citizens. Dr. Luis Pena retired from full time practice and became the full time Medical Director for STCC.

STCC currently has over 100 doctors, nurses and other medical support staff that volunteer their time and services. Through the services donated, lives are being changed.

The Spiritual Care Team consists of dozens of volunteers that are available for spiritual and emotional support and counsel. Spiritual Care is available to all patients who desire it. Through the ministry of STCC, many have dedicated their lives to Christ and began a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.